Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular methods of marketing and branding today. It needs immense planning, perfect execution, and constant monitoring to get outcomes on all social media platforms.




Ads Spend – Rs.20,000
(It will be paid to ads platform)
Our Management Fee – Rs. 15,000
Account Management – 3
Creation Of Campaign – 3

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Business Manager Set Up
Pixel Installation
Custom Conversion Creation
Custom Audience Creation
Creation Of Automated Rules
Facebook Analytics Report Creation
Ad Campaign Monitoring
Instant Experience Ads Creation
Customization Of Ad Placements
Traffic Monitoring
Monthly Report

Instagram Marketing

Audience Research
Instagram Ads Creative Creation & Design
Instagram Ads Monitoring And Management

LinkedIn Marketing

Campaign Manager Account Set Up
Creation Of Custom Conversion
Ads Monitoring
Monthly Report

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Ad Account Set Up
Skippable In-Stream Ads
Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads
Bumper Ads
 Detailed Audience Creation
Custom Audience Creation
A/B Testing Of Targeting
Remarketing Video Ads
Monthly Report

Twitter Marketing

Tweet Engagement Ads
Awareness Ads
Follower Ads
Audience Creation
Monthly Report

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